Stony Brook's premiere center for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror

As one of the oldest active student-run clubs at Stony Brook University, we host a vast collection of books, movies, comics, and TV shows. Our library holds over 19,000 volumes and lends freely to the student body. In addition, we have an active lounge and host numerous events throughout the school year. Come visit us and join in the awesomeness!

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Calling all forumites! If you are an active member please fill out this form and spread it to everyone other active forumit you know! It takes less than a minute and it'll help us out greatly if you can.

Active Forumite Form

Calling all forumite alumni! Please fill out and spread this form to any alumni you know who don't check facebook or the website! Although it is NOT an RSVP Form, it IS regarding the 50th and will greatly help us out if as many alumni as possible fill it out!

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Come Visit Us !

We are located in the Stony Brook Student Activity Center, Basement, Room 018C. Our official library hours are 8 AM - 6 PM on weekdays (but usually we're open until 12 AM every day).

Get Involved !

Our general meetings are every week Wednesday at 1:00 PM in Room 018C of the Student Activity Center. Come listen to forum updates; learn about upcoming events; tell us how to improve or share your ideas; and vote on what new stuff we should get!

Upcoming Events !

We hold many science fiction, fantasy, and horror themed events throughout the year. They are open to the campus community - so feel free to drop in on one at any time.