Where is the room?

We actually have two rooms, both in the basement of the new Student Union. Rooms LO-608 and LO-609

Will people be allowed in the room?

As of right now a total of 4 people have access to the rooms. Only 2 of them are allowed in the rooms at any given time and solely for unpacking purposes. They must wear masks while they're in the rooms. Student Engagement keeps telling me there's a chance we might be able to open to the student body, but at this point in time I highly doubt that. I am working on increasing the number of unpackers that have access to the room right now.

What about GBMs and Events?

Currently all GBMs are being held online via Google Meets. You can find the link in the Calendar by clicking on an Online GBM and selecting more details. This will likely open the details in Google Calendar on a separate page.
Events are also being encouraged to be held online. Currently we're still talking about what sort of smaller events we'll have. We are planning movie and jackbox nights, along with potential board game nights being held on Tabletop Simulator. Halloween and Festivus are still up in the air.

How did the move go?

We didn't physically move anything. Stony Brook hired movers to move things we packed in the SAC to our rooms in the Union. The room had to be packed by 2 people at a time working under small time restraints. I believe we had about 10 total hours in the end. We managed to pack all the books, DVDs, games, and various party supplies/decorations. Yes, we got the rock. However, we were forbidden from bringing any furniture. We managed to get a small budget increase to hopefully buy back what we'll need. It's hard to say what specifically has made it to the new room, as many of us have not been there.

What about things in storage?

We haven't touched the storage units yet. When we're able to get more forumites in the room at once to help we will tackle this task. At the moment, having only 2 people run back and forth between the storage units and the new Student Union sounds like a fool's errand

Got any pictures?