Ben Plotz Deserves Everything

Local narrator works very hard on show about a Sheep in the Big City. He deserves more love and respect for all of his efforts!! He may be a little bastard sometimes but that comes with the territory!! I love him!!! I love my girlfriend too, but y'know what? This isn't about her!

Ben Plotz!!!


Ben Plotz Content Alert!!! Check out the link below for more Ben content!!!

Ben Plotz Content!! Click Me!!!

Watch Sheep in the Big City!!! You'll have to pirate it, but watch it!!

5 Reasons Why You Should Love Ben Plotz

1. He is hardworking, never missed work once!! He doesn't even take sick days!!! D:
2. He has good fashion sense! Look at that vest!!!
3. He speaks his mind! He's unafraid to tell it how it is, even if it goes offscript! An honest man.
4. He's actually a really good narrator! I can't get enough of his narration! Every time he speaks is a joy!!
5. I love him.

My GF may be #2 to Ben Plotz, but she's #1 for real, actual, living people!! Hey babe! If you're reading this, I love you!!!!